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A funeral service for the most part, is an unplanned life event and takes place at a time when we are least equipped ​to make very important decisions. It is so important that it is done well and is a fitting tribute to the person who has passed, creates good memories and aids our grieving process.

​​The McKinnon Funeral Group want you ​to have positive memories of the funeral process.

How do we do this?
We listen to your needs. Guide you with our experience. Give you an accurate indication of costs and take care of all the details large and small to ensure your loved one’s funeral service is personal, ​meaningful and everything you want it to be.

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McKinnon Funeral Group can provide a complete funeral service or maybe you would like just a small private farewell.

To help during this time of loss, we can arrange a funeral which is both affordable and respectful and we are ready to talk honestly about your budget.

McKinnon Funeral Group can help with some difficult decisions, many of which involve costs to you and which need to be thought through when arranging a funeral.

These decisions can be looked at in detail when we talk about the funeral service.